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Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a comprehensive database of unvaccinated individuals to empower and enable the provision of safe and reliable blood supply options. we strive to empower individuals with the autonomy to make informed decisions about their health care through the accessibility of this vital resource.

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Our Story

It's been a trying time for many as the past few years have been marked by division and uncertainty, with friends and families torn apart over the decision to get vaccinated or not. As more data emerged, many became skeptical of the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

We recognized the urgent need for a solution to this problem. We searched tirelessly for a way to provide unvaccinated blood to those in need, but were met with roadblocks at every turn. Traditional blood banks were unable to guarantee the supply of unvaccinated blood, and doctors and surgeons were unable to offer any solutions.

Determined to make a difference, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a database that would connect donors of unvaccinated blood with those in need. The database would be a secure platform where donors could register and share information about their blood type, location, and vaccination status, and where patients could search for and find donors who meet their specific needs.

We have put in place rigorous security measures to ensure that the personal information of donors is kept confidential and secure, and have developed a screening process to ensure that the blood provided is safe to use.

In the end, our goal is to provide a reliable and safe supply of unvaccinated blood for those who need it, and to connect donors and patients in a way that is transparent, secure and trustworthy.

We have a wealth of experience in starting and growing small businesses, but nothing has ever felt as fulfilling and impactful as this current venture. This project is an opportunity for us to make a real difference in peoples lives and contribute to the greater good of society, giving many people true autonomy over their personal medical choices 

Experienced Leadership

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